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Col Solare Winery represents an architectural confluence of old and modern-world aesthetics which are rooted in tradition and history much like the two wine producers. This confluence is realized in a traditional barrel chai that flows into a modern cellar and old-world bell tower, and ultimately into a reception area dominated by new-world design.

Col Solare was built on Red Mountain, perched above the Yakima River. The winery was situated on the 40-acre site that offers commanding views over its fan-shaped vineyard and of Mount Adams and the Horse Heaven Hills.


Our winemakers follow the Antinori winemaking philosophy of simplicity, versatility and efficiency in the endless pursuit of quality. A host of modern technologies create many options for the team and allow for gentle handling of the fruit, beginning with hand-picked grapes that leave the de-stemmer as virtually 100% whole berries, to fermenters fed by gravity from the crush pad, to a gentle press that yields free-run quality juice.

Barrel Rooms

Our three barrel rooms, each individually temperature controlled, hold up to three vintages of Col Solare. The 100-barrel Barricaia features the winemaker’s favorite barrels of the forthcoming blend. Once in the barrel, all wine is handled by gravity and barrels are topped regularly.

Bell Tower

The bell tower at Col Solare measures 56 feet high from the outside finished grade. The cast iron bell is 36 inches tall, with a 40 inch diameter at base, and weighs 1,000 pounds. The bell at Col Solare is rung to signify special times at the winery such as the beginning and end of harvest, and at the start of special events.